The application is developed for the staff’s of Southern Railways Palakkad and Trivandrum divisions to get updated details of their PF, Salary and Leave details. They can also post grievances as sms. The status of applied loans, grievances, balance leave etc can be accessed through this SMS based solution. The sms send by the staffs are received [by GSM modem] and it will be processed based on their inputs. The program will send replies for the received sms through web interface.

This module is having the following options.

  • An option to receive SMS from staffs. [In a GSM modem].
  • An option to update details of PF, Salary and Leave details.

How this works?

The PF number of the staff will be the unique access code for this system. Allstaffs has to register for the PF system using their PF number. Few keywords will be provided for registration [PF, LV, SL]. Staffs can register their mobile number for easy access to the system or can use any mobile number of their choice. Their access is protected by passwords which can be set by individual staffs.

  • Receive sms.
  • An option to update details of PF, Salary and Leave details.Check for keyword and if keyword is correct send appropriate reply.
  • Fetch the reply for the sms.
  • Send reply to the user.
  • Storing a log of mobile numbers used this service.

All SMS will be received by GSM modem. All out going messages will be through Web interface.

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Circulars to various departmental staffs are pushed through sms. A web application is hosted in the server machine with internet as well as intranet access.

The features of this application are as follows.

  • SMS can be send by different depts.
  • Provision to add various departments.
  • Add users to each department.
  • Provision to store the mobile numbers as Contacts.
  • Provision to manage groups and assign contacts to groups.
  • Provision to send SMS to selected contacts or to group/groups.
  • Provisions to view the details of messages send.

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The Intelligent stage carrier management solution is an innovative step of Mobiz in association with Kerala Motor Vehicle gazetted officer association to digitalize the bus routes across the state which helps department to resolve issues related to stage carriage especially related to fare stage, timing conflicts, issue of new permits etc mutually benefitting administration, bus owners and the public.


  • Can identify the distance between stops
  • Can identify the distance from Starting point
  • Can identify the changes in road types and its distance.
  • Can identify the stops of various types of stage carriage
  • Can identify the fare stage information related to a route based on type of stage carriage.
  • Can Merge routes and create new routes.
  • Road width can be identified.

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Developed for Kerala Motor Vehicle gazetted officer association, the application helps people to identify buses running between two stops. All they need to do is select the start point and destination. The buses running between the route will be displayed and its timings. Day by day the details of the buses are getting added up.

We have also given provision to update the people through push notification. Through the backend interface announcements can be shared to public. People can also raise any complaints regarding a bus/ staff through this application. The complaint will reach corresponding officer which can be accessed through the back end interface.
The bus search application helps officers to track whether the stage carriages are maintaining thetimings allotted to them.
The application initially built in android and ios platforms is available through Play and itunes store. The windows version will be live shortly.

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